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Current Openings @ Nextazy

Front-End Developer

The websites that you develop promotes a company 24*7. No others can.

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Back-End Developer

The eighth wonder has a name: Software. You’ll be building that wonder.

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Android Developer

Let your inner creativity shine and become the master of app development.

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iOS Developer

You get to create dynamic applications for the world’s privileged users.

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QA Engineer

An eye for details (literally), and making every deliverable a bug-free one.

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DevOps Engineer

Being the upholder of a business is difficult. Only the chosen can do it.

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Digital Marketing Executive

Are you the one to turn people’s thoughts into traffic? We need you. ASAP.

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Business Development Executive

There is a regular way to do everything, but a BA does it differently.

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Content Writer

Everyone can write. But only a few can write better and give life to words

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Motion Graphic Designer

Not everyone can paint a picture that never dries. Only a few like you can!

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Junior UI/UX Designer

Your life as a designer is a life of fight. Keep fighting against visual diseases.

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